S. Zayd Enam

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I am a PhD candidate in the Stanford AI Lab working with Sebastian Thrun. I am most interested in working on high-risk projects where I can build technology that has a chance of positively impacting society. Before this I studied EE&CS at Berkeley and did a honors thesis in Neuroscience. At Berkeley I spent two wonderful years at the Redwood Center for Theoretical Neuroscience working on generative models and unsupervised learning algorithms. After Redwood I trained neural nets with the IQEngines and LookFlow teams as a part of the Flickr Visionteam.

In a past life I dropped out of high school to found a healthcare startup in Pakistan. It ultimately did not succeed but it picked up some awards and numbers along the way. Afterwards, I moved to Southern California and worked at another startup while taking courses at community college. I transferred from community college to Berkeley.


斯坦福大学人工智能实验室的博士预科生,现在为谷歌X实验室联合创始人Sebastian Thrun.教授团队成员之一。高中辍学并在巴基斯坦成立了一家医疗保健机构,之后在伯克利大学学习EE&CS,致力于研究生成模型和无监督的学习算法,并在神经科学方面发表了荣誉论文。